How Long Will Helium Gas Balloons Stay Afloat?

How Long Will Balloons Stay Afloat?

Latex Balloons will last approximately 8 - 10 hours however extreme temperatures will reduce float time. It is always best to inflate these type of balloons just prior to your event.

We have a great range of 30cm helium quality latex balloons available in many colours including:-

Decorator Helium Quality Balloons

Metallic Helium Quality Balloons

Pearl Helium Quality Balloons

Foil balloons hold helium well as they are non porous, the helium usually escapes from the valve over time rather than the surface of the balloon. Because of this foil balloons have a long float time and can last for well for 7 - 10 days and remain afloat for weeks.

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What Is The Difference Between Helium Gas and Balloon Gas?

There are several different grades of Helium that can be used for inflating balloons.

The helium gas that Padstow Food Service Supplies is greater than 99% helium purity versus balloon gas that can contain up to 5% nitrogen or oxygen diluting the product from 99% to 95% purity. 

Make sure you are getting what you pay for. 

We offer 3 size options for helium gas tank hire

Click on the links below to see the current prices :- 

CL will inflate approx 50 standard balloons

D will inflate approx 100 standard - balloons

E will inflate approx 300 standard balloons

Transportation And Storage Of Helium Gas Cylinders

Transport securely and upright without the regulator attached.

Store securely and upright in a dry safe place.(when cylinder is not in use turn cylinder valve to closed and relieve the pressure on the regulator by tilting the nozzle.

Environmental Protection

We strongly discourage the intentional release of all balloons into the air due to help with the protection of our environment and wildlife.

Please ensure they are tightly secured to a balloon weight,popped and disposed of properly. Please join us in the protection of our environment.

20th Apr 2019

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